Ms. Larrain has an immense passion for helping people; I have witnessed her on multiple occasions sit with women in particular and help them along their individual journey. Whether it be with her well-versed talents of web-page design, qigong teachings, creative well-being practices such as aromatherapy, or patience of listening and understanding, Ms. Larrain has proven to be a humanitarian within all faucets of her life. She has persevered through difficult life circumstances and has used her experiences to help individuals in similar challenges. Ms. Larrain has the ability to coordinate large events, and create platforms and programs for communication with precision and efficacy due to her organizational skills and preparedness. As a good friend and client of Ms. Larrain, I endorse and recommend her skills and talents.
— Channing Renee Clemons
Jess brings a positive energy and a very focused, organized approach to her client projects. In more than a year of working with Jess on my social media platforms, both engagement and content creation, she has made the process effortless. More importantly, the feedback from others has been extremely positive. Jess took the time to understand me, my business and my goals and was able to create and execute on a plan to help me get the results needed. I have recommended Jess to multiple colleagues who also rave about her services.

Jess’ positive approach to life permeates through all she does and really has impacted me in a meaningful way as well. She’s a star!
— Michael Roub, Inflection 360
Jessica was prompt, had great communication, and completed the project exactly as hoped (and earlier than expected!). Looking forward to working with her again on more projects soon.
— Roberto W. Lo Presti
Jess is absolutely awesome! As we focused on my pressing business needs, she was able to pull together an effective social media strategy for me quickly. Work was completed ahead of deadlines and the quality of work exceeded my expectations. I would definitely look to use Jess in the future should I have additional needs. If you need someone to put together a cohesive social media strategy between various platforms, I highly recommend working with Jess.
— Michael Roub, Inflection 360
Jess is an incredible human that I’ve trusted with my website, resume, and writing development over the past year! She is professional, driven, competent, easy to work with, and the nicest person I’ve been lucky to build a relationship with. Her work is awesome and she’s always prompt with deadlines and communication. It has been such a pleasure working with her and sharing knowledge and good times. I highly recommend her for any projects you need done efficiently (and she’ll do it right the first time)!
— Emily Martha Gibb, Stylist
Working with Jess has been remarkably pleasant! Jess is thoughtful, thorough, conscientious, receptive and responsive. Working with her been easy and natural and I’m very happy with the website she designed on my behalf. I would recommend Jess, without reservation, to anyone looking to put together an effective and aesthetically pleasing personal website.
— Josh Vincent, Josh Vincent Yoga
It has been an absolute delight working with Jess. She is diligent, committed, and genuine about any cause she embraces. Her calm and confident energy brought a great sense of tranquility during our discussions. She is reflective in the way she designs graphics and consequently they project her authenticity and pure intentions. One of the great things about Jess is that she never shies away from a challenge. She has always met the deadlines, most of the times well in advance. It has been a blessing to have had the chance to work with Jess. She is a treasure - a pure gem!!
— Sangita Iyer (B.Sc. M.A. EEC, PGD Journalism) Founding Executive Director, Voice for Asian Elephants Society Managing Trustee Voice for Asian Elephants Trust Producer & Director, Gods in Shackles Documentary
As Project Coordinator and Publicist for The Busby Group, I have had the pleasure of working with Jess since the fall of 2017 when she was hired to help with social media for an author client. Since she began working with our team, our client satisfaction has improved significantly, most notably in digital advertising and generating engagement on social media. Jess is especially exceptional in this regard, guiding our internal staff in how best to develop high quality content, advising on the various ways in which digital platforms can boost our clients’ overall objectives, as well as execution and managing results-based analytics. 

As a co-worker, Jess is a joy to have on the team. She works very well with even the most particular of clients and brings not just her expertise, but a real sense of enthusiasm and excitement for the tasks at hand. Jess is an asset to any company lucky enough to have her on their team.
— Jian Huang, The Busby Group
Working with Jess is a delight in terms of knowing the work is getting done to an incredibly high standard, on time, and with a level of professionalism that doesn’t get any higher. Her commitment to conscientiously caring about what she does makes her a rare breed in today’s workforce. I love working with Jess on every level. She’s a great find!
— Julie Angel, See&Do
Wow! Just wow! I can’t say enough amazing things about Jess. She has not only helped me start up my own business, but has inspired me to really believe in myself and my worth. She is highly organized and intuitive. She knows what I need before I even know I need it! She has the ability to make you feel at ease and actually excited about stepping out of your comfort zone. She has helped me create my own brand, website, marketing, and much more. If you are looking for someone genuine and smart to help you with your business needs, she’s it. She’s the one that turns dreams into realities. Oh, and don’t be fooled by her age because her abilities are so far beyond her years!

Best services ever!!! Jess is seriously the real deal. She gets stuff done. For my spiritual business that helps me focus on the things that matter to me, allowing me to be creative and free, while Jess handles all the Earthly stuff. Thanks Jess for everything you have done and still do for me!
— Jac Patio Durfee, Satya Healings
I have had the great pleasure of working with Jess over the last few years. She is one of the most organized, efficient, and motivated young ladies I have ever encountered. A savvy social media whiz and a proficient trouble shooter, Jess has helped me in numerous ways to problem solve issues and offer creative solutions to set my company up for success.
I 100% completely recommend Jess for any position or role in your organization or life as she is truly authentic and real. A true gem. No matter the scenario, she is always a welcome smile. She was a valued asset at Reform Yoga as the Operations Manager and I know she would offer the same level of passion and compassion in any role she takes on.
— Jennifer Robinson
Jess is an all-around bad-ass. She immediately jumped into our organization and offered valuable contributions business wide. Whether she’s knocking out marketing graphics, planning and implementing social media strategy or calling and scheduling members, she continuously demonstrates the skill and poise of a consummate professional. Her organized get-it-done approach is a total lifesaver.
— Robert Goodman, Station Co-Lab
Jess Marie is everything you would desire in a manager. She is an organized and efficient leader, yet a highly personable and authentically caring individual. I have worked with Jess in so many levels... as a high school mentor, to, at present, as a student at her Yoga studio. I can truly attest to the fact that Jess creates the best possible experience for her clientele.
— Gale Gibbons
Jess is dedicated and committed to getting quality work done on time. She has a plethora of skills when it comes to management, social media marketing, and various graphic design tasks. Working with Jess is an absolute pleasure!
— Daniela Kent
I have worked alongside Jess for over a year now and I can say that - without a shadow of a doubt - she is one of the most professional, capable, friendly, and awesome individuals I’ve ever met...not only in the workplace, but pretty much anywhere. I couldn’t begin to describe the value she brings to a professional setting.
— Kevin Sutton
Jess was the manager of the yoga studio I attend every week. She is always incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. Her customer service skills are excellent as she always has a smile and kind words to greet every member. She is warm and friendly and makes the members feel very welcome and valued. She was a large part of the reason I enjoy being a member of the studio.
— Elizabeth Peck
Jess was an amazing Studio Manager and a crucial member of our team at Reform Yoga. She has been instrumental at managing the website and social media, coordinating schedule changes, and leading communication for instructors and clients. Jess embodies everything you can expect from a yoga teacher and leader: patience, mindfulness, and inspiration.
— Megan Hahn
Jess has a great grasp on internet and social marketing. Her best traits are her dedication to perfection and her reliability. She’s very good at taking on challenging tasks which is somewhat of a requirement in internet marketing. I highly recommend her for any company’s marketing efforts as she will consistently deliver and always go above and beyond to make a difference for her clients.
— Michael Newman, Michael Newman Consulting
Jess Marie was an excellent studio manager. She offered just the right balance of compassionate care for the studio, teachers, and students. She always goes above and beyond the call of duty and is responsible and mature.
— Claire Petretti-Marti
Jess has been running our social media for a few months now and we are very happy with her work. She is prompt and professional. We’ve had more interaction on social media because of her efforts. After we get info to her that we’d like up, we don’t worry about it as we know it will be done and done well. She is highly recommended by us.
— Cody McDowell, L.E.A.F. - Live Enlightened And Free
Starting my new company had many initial challenges but having Jess on my team immediately helped me get things moving in the right direction in a fast and efficient manner. I was so thankful to have Jess assist me with marketing, my website design, and much needed organization. I am grateful for her knowledge and ability to get the tasks I request done and can trust her to get what I need completed in a speedy manner.
— Doun Lambert, DawnStar
Jess Larrain provides an invaluable service to Malas In Bloom. I hired Jess shortly after starting my company in 2015 to assist with branding, marketing, and social media reach. Jess is highly efficient at presenting creative ideas and has successfully developed several marketing campaigns that have resulted in increased revenue. Her commitment to creating engaging and useful content on both Facebook and Instagram has not only resulted in revenue but also the consistent growth of our following and online community.

Though she has been an asset to our marketing efforts, Jess is also extraordinarily helpful in other areas of the company. She assumes the role of a leader by organizing, motivating, and inspiring me daily. When given a task, I trust that Jess will not only complete it in nearly half the time that I can, but as well, if not better! Her insight and expertise is a beautiful extension of the thriving heartbeat that is Malas In Bloom.
— Tammy Fodrey, Malas In Bloom
Jess is a wonderful asset to our team! I am a busy person trying to run my business. Multi-tasking is just a part of my day to day. However, trying to tackle everything is not wise or possible. I chose Jess not only for her kind and personable attitude but also her work ethic. I can give her a task and she will take care of it completely only stopping to run things by me. Once approved she puts them into place with no problems. Her rates are very reasonable and she will never exceed time unless requested to do so. It has been a pleasure working with her thus far and I would highly recommend her services to anyone.
— Chris Parlin, L.E.A.F - Live Enlightened And Free
Working with Jess has made my life 1000 times easier. She is always punctual and on point. She is present and focused when working, and she is excellent when it comes to anticipating my needs. I’ve enjoyed the privilege of hiring Jess to do everything from building my web site & managing my social media to organizing my closet. As an attentive, intuitive & dedicated worker, Jess is able to execute or manage the completion of any task I request, and she always does an amazing job.
— Lindsay Russo, Y.A.S. - YouAreSacred School of Yoga