Jess Marie Larrain

Birthday & Zodiac :: May 9, 1994 | Taurus Sun & Moon, Scorpio Rising

Professional Experience ::

  • RYT 200, Yoga for Trauma & Y12SR

  • IICH Holistic Health Coach

  • Brand, Web, Social & Organization Consulting & Management

Interests :: the 8-limb path of yoga, the universe, music, cooking, alternative/holistic health & wellness, healing others, intuitive/spiritual development

In the Works :: thought of becoming a DJ, Transcending Sexual Trauma through Yoga training, Codependency Healing through Yoga training, writing a book on authenticity, weekly Y12SR meetings for those supporting others in recovery

Fun Facts

Fav Fruit :: blueberries, watermelon, opal apples & pears

Forms of Movement/Exercise :: yoga asana, ballet, parkour, animal flow, qi gong & walking

Special Talents :: piano, singing, song/poetry writing, composing (all of which I never do/share with other people)

Favorite Books :: Anthem, Siddhartha, The Little Prince...

Personal Meaning of Yoga :: awareness, mindfulness, patience & kindness.

Mentors :: My intuition, cherished friends, & teachers. (will list in detail soon under Network)

My Quotes ::

  • “Anything done frantically shouldn’t of been started in the first place.”

  • “The relationship with the self comes first, for one cannot truly experience acceptance, love & truth without it.”

  • “Act with kindfulness - kindness & mindfulness.”

IG :: @oldsoulopenheart | @the_meraki_method

Email ::