As a Virtual Assistant (VA), I provide online services & support for entrepreneurs & small business owners.

This can be small service-based businesses, e-commerce shops, coaches (life, business, fitness, etc), or practitioners (healers, therapists, naturopaths, etc). Basically, anyone who runs a business & could use some support to keep their business, & ultimately LIFE, running smoothly. ;)

Now that’s all great—but what does this really mean? What do I really do?

As a VA, I support entrepreneurs & businesses in these main 3 areas ::


Tech Support

:: email marketing setup & flow, website management, etc.


General Admin

:: covering most of the obvious tasks you think of when you hear the word “assistant” — email management, scheduling, etc.


Design Creation

:: using Canva for social graphics, branding basics, webpage design — all things visual.


I work best with …

Teachers/Instructors | Solopreneurs | Executives | Coaches | Brick & Mortar Businesses | Healers


free consultation :: in-person, video/voice call