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7 Days :: jul. 15th - 21st

digital detox :: decreasing the amount of time & energy spent on digital technology to live more in the moment

This is a chance to recharge & rest. 🌻

This is an opportunity to give ourselves chance to step back temporarily. When we return recharged, we’re more productive & have a different perspective. We’re also likely to have at least one great idea while we’re 'not thinking about it’.

It gives us a chance to get back in tune with our own rhythms & the rhythms of nature, rather than trying to ‘keep up’ with the pace of the digital world. It lets us dictate how we spend our own time, rather than spending all our time answering other people’s demands. It gives us an opportunity to spend time on the things & people who matter to us.

Are you in need of a digital detox? ::

- I rarely read posts & articles from beginning to end
- My vision goes blurry after looking at a screen for a few hours
- Lately, I've had problems making up my mind
- I keep bumping into things
- If my phone dies, I wouldn't know what to do or where to go or who to call
- I experience phantom ringing (hearing your phone when it isn't on, set to make noise)
- I check my email & social platforms or use my phone in general during meals & time spent with loved ones
- When I check social, I feel negative about my own life
- I use hashtags even when I'm not on social platforms
- I use my phone right before bed/to fall asleep
- I'm having trouble staying asleep
- I use social platforms for attention
- I feel bad about myself when I don't get a certain amount of likes/comments on my posts/photos
- I catch myself scrolling on my phone for no reason
- I use my phone when I'm bored
- I use social platforms to feel accepted
- I get way too many emails
- I haven't cleaned out my email in so long

If you agree with any one of the statements above, let's break patterns & become more connected with ourselves, together. 

The cost :: not a thing! 🌻


before you begin :: Just a few suggestions!

  • Get a journal for all of the prompts & reflections.
  • Make a list of your biggest digital detox challenges & concerns & reflect on how you can overcome them.
  • Set up a charging station outside of your bedroom for all of your devices.
  • Get an alarm clock :: maybe one with nature sounds instead of tones ;)
  • If you use a your phone's calendar or a planner APP, switch to a paper planner. (You can create your own at Target!)
  • Set a designated time every day that is just for checking email/social platforms.
  • Plan enjoyable activities such as learning something new, spending time in nature, spending quality time with friends & family, etc.
  • Communicate to anyone you need to that you’ll be away from your email & smartphone. 
  • Announce on social media that you're about to do a #digitaldetox planned by #themerakimethod & spread the word if you feel called to! 🌻

The best evidence for this digital detox comes from trying it yourself. Once you’ve done so, the chances are you’ll be reaching for the off button again!

If you have any specific questions, don't hesitate to reach out by DM or email ::


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Resource :: Frances Booth, Forbes