Psyche :: goddess of the soul.

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You grow, you roar. Although disguised, I know you. You'll learn to know. You grow, you grow like tornado. You grow from the inside. Destroy everything through. Destroy from the inside. Erupt like volcano. You flow through the inside. You kill everything through. You kill from the inside. You'll learn to know... I wonder if I'm allowed just ever to be. πŸ¦‹

Goddess Pysche :: goddess of the soul, personal growth & spiritual union.

Psyche shows us how to get back on the pathway to the soul. To deny the Soul is to deny every good thing that emanates from it, including creativity, self-determination, responsibility, morality, reason & a value of life itself. By denying the Soul creates a chaotic dimensional system "the butterfly effect", which can only exist in all natural complex systems. When Psyche found her soul, she found her greatest love again. She transformed as the butterfly to experience all of life on a 3-dimensional level; Ego, Body & Soul co-existing in peace & harmony.

She also helps us learn to occasionally "turn a deaf ear" to those who are always demanding our attention & take the time we deserve to focus on our own needs.

Psyche's Message :: the process of life takes us into dark places as well as light, just as the butterfly emerges from the dark chrysalis into the light. πŸ™

I share the goodness of my life & my friends with others. 
I don't have to have a partner to be in love, that I can be happy in love with life itself.
I am friendly, optimistic, & sensitive to the needs of others.
I give myself permission to rest & relax, to sleep restfully.
I stay focused on the things that really matter.
I accept who I really am.
I set priorities & remain mindful of what is important in my life.
I see & trust the love that others offer to me.

makeup & editing - Nina Vazquez IG :: @ninavazquezmua & @cosanina
photography - Kinsey Volkhart IG :: @indigohoneydesigns@kinseyvo
styling & directing - Emily Martha Gibb IG :: @_emilymartha
clothing - ZhenNymph IG :: @zhennymph
feather - L.E.A.F. - Live Enlightened & Free IG :: @liveleafsd