Morgan Le Fay :: great queen goddess & fairy enchantress.

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Somewhere there's an island. Our elusive remedies. Tip toe through the fires. They'll calm down, till we all fall down.
Somewhere there's a garden, our mistake & fantasy. Everything's forgotten. They'll calm down, till we all fall down.
Let’s get back to where we’re from. Brighter days of halcyon. We come back from where we've gone, back to Avalon. We're chasing footsteps where we've been gone. They take us back to Avalon. 🌲

Goddess Morgan Le Fay :: the great queen goddess & fairy enchantress.

Morgan Le Fay is the controller of destiny, knowing the fate of each soul. With her healing powers, her knowledge of plants & her prophetic vision, she is a shape-shifter taking on many forms. She represents the deep place of healing magic within each & every one of us, the center where wisdom & healing flow even in our moment of death. She is represented by ambivalence, which echoes our own fear of her deep & ancient wisdom. Morgan is the virgin aspect of the Triple Goddess Morrigan & to the faery realm for empowerment. She is a protector of the innocent and those who are unable to fend for themselves.

Morgan Le Fay’s Message :: We must not fear the innate wisdom within us, but become empowered by it. 🙏

I am fearless.
I'm reminded that I am capable of healing myself & others.
I am wise.
I have the strength to overcome negative & harmful thoughts & emotions.
I am supported & protected.
I let go of doubt.

makeup & editing - @theninavazquez & @theluxibar
photography - @indigohoneydesigns
styling & directing - @_emilymartha
clothing - @zhennymph
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mala - @malasforfriends & @satyahealings

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