Minerva :: goddess of dawn.

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Every soul comes to the sun, carried on angel's wings to human birth. Born of love or born of hate, each one is heaven sent to human fate. In joy and pain each one will grow, for wisdom is so much more than what we know; and every child will find their way of living the whole life story day by day. Dream little girl, dream. Dream little boy, dream.🌠
Goddess Minerva :: goddess of dawn.

Minerva is a goddess of wisdom, for the light of dawn typifies knowledge. She’s a guide & patroness of all arts, crafts, guilds & medicine. She’s the inventor of musical instruments, numbers & many crafts. The serpent & owl are her sacred creatures; serpent as an emblem of life's energy & the owl as the symbol of death & wisdom. Minerva is also a goddess of death & transformation. She is the incarnation of wisdom in human form.

Minerva's Message :: We have the ability to use our knowledge & wisdom in the pursuit of any goal we choose. πŸ™

I am wise.
I am patient.
I trust the universe.

photography - @thegoddessmirrorproject@yomiroyando

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