Kuan Yin :: protector of women.


Falling slowly, eyes that know me, and I can't go back. Moods that take me and erase me, I'm painted black. Well you have suffered enough and warred with yourself, it's time that you won.
Take this sinking boat and point it home, we've still got time. Raise your hopeful voice, you have a choice, you've made it now. Falling slowly sing your melody, I'll sing along. ⛵

Kuan Yin :: protector of women.

Kuan Yin represents infinite infinite mercy & compassion. She in the embodiment of loving kindness. Kuan Yin is a bodhisattva, a being of wisdom destined to become a Buddha. She has taken the vow of a bodhisattva to save all beings from suffering by forgoing the final state of Buddhahood. She shows us through the flame of forgiveness how to free ourselves from all hardness of heart & teaches us to have compassion for all.

Kuan Yin’s Message :: We must acknowledge our unlimited compassion each of us have for ourselves, to treat ourselves with mercy & love. 🙏

I accept myself.
I will continue to grow.
I see the light & love in others.
My body is a temple.
I am love.

photography - @thegoddessmirrorproject@yomiroyando

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