Kaltes :: goddess of rejuvenation.

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Oh joy's arise, the sun has come again to hold you, sailing out the doldrums of the whole week. The polyphonic prairies here, it's all around you out here. And if the whole world is crashing down, fall through space out of mind again, where the emptiness we leave behind on warm air rising. ☀️️

Kaltes :: goddess of rejuvenation.

Kaltes is a shape-shifter of lunar nature. She represents the intermediary between lunar deities & humanity, mediating the relationship between Earth, moon & women. She's known as a fertility & rejuvenation goddess. She supports us especially during the beginning of our life cycles. Although she is feared due to her ability to see our destinies, she's called upon for her gentle wisdom. She is a compassionate guide to the mysteries of life.

Kaltes’ Message :: We need to have courage to move into whatever unique path we have been called into.🙏

I am feminine.
I make time to heal, reflect & rejuvinate.
I have courageous.
I am intuitive.
I show kindness to myself.
I am compassionate.

makeup & editing - @theninavazquez 
photography - @indigohoneydesigns@kinseyvo
styling & directing - @_emilymartha
clothing - @zhennymph
necklace - @dawnstarcollection

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