Hina :: the woman who lives in the moon.

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They can never hold the woman in the moon.πŸŒ™

Goddess Hina :: the woman who lives in the moon. As the dark moon, she presides over death. As the waxing moon, she is the creator who made people from clay & the moon her home. As the full moon, she embodies a mature woman’s warrior spirit. As the waning moon, she is the aging crone full of wisdom & insight.

Hina represents the part of ourselves that creatively brings forth nourishment, even in the midst of what appears to be death & decay. She represents meaningful communication & the sharing of truth between women & men. She helps you make the choice to be more heartfelt with others & fly free from the cocoon that binds you. As a communicator, her inspiring speeches & ideas give birth to new ways of thinking. She is a messenger, a carrier of news & creator of ideas.

Hina's Message :: forgive past transgressions & give up negative attitudes that prevent you from growing as a person. πŸ™

I share truth.
I feel release through communication.
It is easy to articulate my feelings.
I release my anger, I embrace joy.
I connect with my needs, & let them be known.
My insecurity is replaced with wisdom.
I forgive. 🌻

makeup & editing - Nina Vazquez IG :: @ninavazquezmua@cosanina
photography - Kinsey Volkhart IG :: @indigohoneydesigns, @kinseyvo 
styling & directing - Emily Martha Gibb IG :: @_emilymartha
clothing - ZhenNymph IG :: @zhennymph

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