Hathor :: protectress of all women.

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Make a space for my body. Dig a hole. Push the sides apart. This is what I'm controlling. It's a moat. The inside that I carve. This will be my monument. This will be a beacon when I'm gone. So that when the moment comes, I can say I did it all with love. Make a cast of my body. Pull back out, so that I can see. Let go of how you knew me. Let go of what I used to be. I will let this monument represent a moment of my life.🌌
Goddess Hathor :: a nourishing great mother goddess, the Egyptian mother of all gods & goddesses. She is a sky goddess, queen of the heavens. She is the goddess of love, mirth, beauty, & sensual pleasure. She is the protectress of all women. She is the lady of the night & queen of the underworld. Hathor is a strong embodiment of the many sides of existence. Creator, sustainer, destroyer she encompasses all. She has many names. She is called the Mistress of Life, the Great Wild Cow, the Golden One, the Mistress of Turquoise, the Lady of Dendera, Lady of Punt, the Powerful One, the Mistress of the Desert, & Lady of the Southern Sycamore. Because of this, she is also called the Seven Hathors.

Hathor's Message :: We must acknowledge all parts of ourselves, that what we might call destructive is sometimes necessary to allow our creativity & compassion to flourish. πŸ™

I am abundant. 
I am protected. 
I am one with my soul.
I am love.

makeup & editing - @ninavazquezmua
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styling & directing - @_emilymartha
clothing - @zhennymph

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