Diana :: goddess of women.


Let's take it right back to where we used to go, where it all began.
But we never look back, no we only look forward
To all the new pain and violence that we blame,
To all the new shame and waste of what we gain.
No we never look back, no we only look forward.
With all our fate, hearts broken from the start,
With the fear that we were born to fall,
Only to be held tall by the writing on the wall,
We don't need no premonitions, no. 🐺

Goddess Diana :: goddess of women.

Diana is the ancient Lady of the Beasts, a mistress of wild things. She’s responsible for vulnerability & youth. She’s the goddess of solitude, of wilderness. She represents the mystic & the identity of the hunter & the hunted. Diana is a moon goddess, standing for the virgin, self-sufficient & free goddess who lives on her own terms. She’s the goddess of women related to all phases of female existence. .

Diana’s Message :: We must remember the part of us that’s at home in the wilderness, our primitive, instinctual nature. 🙏

I’m a wild thing.
I'm feminine.
I understand the importance of solitude. 
I‘m grateful for my freedom. 
I live on my own terms & stay true to my values.
I am a woman.

photography - @thegoddessmirrorproject@yomiroyando

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