Athena :: goddess of war & wisdom.


You said you don't wanna die but still you want to go to heaven. Heaven's not a place that you can scare me into changing everything that I believe in Leavin' what is keeping you from walkin' out the door and livin' life like there's a reason. Reason is the fear of change will leave a person locked inside a dark and mental prison. Prisoners of war, the war is media, they feed to you graffiti up your vision. Visionary super scary future they will shoot ya' they will loot ya' they are killin'. Killin' power of the power that exists above us is a problem, it's a sentence. Sentence you to pull and push and jump, when they say jump you say how high. There is no limit. Limit what they sell and what they're givin'. Even if the whole world knows. I don't give a damn about what they think. I don't have to stand up to your gun. I don't have to sit down when you say. Tell me I'm overboard. The truth is you just want to see me sink. If there's any room left on that ship. You don't have to save any room for me 'Cause I've got my own boat. I'm doing my own thing, And I will stay afloat, even when it rains. 'Cause I've got my own boat. Row your boat.⚓

Goddess Athena :: goddess of war & wisdom.

Athena is a symbol of courage & friendship, counseling warriors to gentleness. She is honored as a goddess of agriculture, the creator of the olive tree, the flute, & the ship. She is a patron of all useful & elegant arts.

Athena’s Message :: there are no limits to what a woman can do with her intellect & creative ability.🙏

I am courageous.
I am gentle & kind.
I am intelligent & creative.
I am a good friend.

photography - @thegoddessmirrorproject@yomiroyando

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