Artemis :: archaic mistress of animals.


Too blind to know your best, hurrying through the forks without regrets. Different now, every step feels like a mile, all the lights seem to flash and pass you by. But don't know which way to turn, every trifle becoming big concerns. All this time you were chasing dreams without knowing what you wanted them to mean. Who cares in a hundred years from now, all your small steps, all your shitty clouds. Who'll remember all the players. Who'll remember all the clowns.
So how's it gonna be when it all comes down, cycling trivialities.πŸ†

Artemis :: archaic mistress of animals.

Artemis is a healing & soothing, but fierce goddess. She is a symbol of female independence. She is also the symbol of pure focus. She is known to be the chaste huntress because of the purity of her heart. She has nothing else in mind except her purpose in life. She is not distracted by the lives of others, or what they say or do. She is completely focused on her own objectives, which symbolically, is The Hunt. The power of her magic is to hunt down the desires of her heart, and always obtain them. The spiritual meaning of her nature is "independence", & self-reliance. 

Artemis’ Message :: We must remember the value of solitude & the importance of wild places, the places that are frightening but bring healing, even through fear.πŸ™

I am resilient.
I am focused.
I have purpose.
I lead with my heart.

photography - @thegoddessmirrorproject@yomiroyando

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